Social media provides athletes the most amazing business opportunity. As an athlete, social media is the best method to attract interest towards your brand from millions of users around the world.

With social media you can share unkown parts of your peronality, wether you’re a loud and out going person or serious and quiet. There is no set formula when it comes to establishing your social media personality. The best strategy is to be authetic and post whatever is true to you.  However, you’ll need take some caution. As Adam Juratovac, founder of AthletesLTD, told Adweek, “There are many ways a simple post or location check-in could be misinterpreted or misunderstood.” Make sure to diversity what you post  and keep it targeted towards your audience.

“If you only have five posts and they are all at a bar, many people will believe you spend all of your time there,” says Juratovac.

For example Rich Froning Jr, a four time CrossFit chamion. You will never see Froning post a picture or video showing him anywhere near alcohol because his personal brand is against it. Froning takes time to manage his brand and uses it purposelly as an athlete and family man.

Image via Rich Froning Instagram

Another good example is former Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch. Lynch loves his Skittles and when fans saw him eating the treat on the side line of a game, it became a popular topic for fans to talk about on social media. Once Lynch came public about his love for Skittles fans began to shower him with candy after games and it created buzz for his name and the team’s. Because Lynch had a genuine love for Skittles the social media craze developed into a sponorship deal.

You don’t need to pay someone hundreds of dollars to run your social media channels, but you need to establish a personality for youself. Be confident and true to who you are and the fans will follow. Remember to stay consistent, publish post multiple times a day, share your posts, share your peers posts and keep interacting with fans. Your efforts will put your brand ahead of the competition.