Last week, the Atlanta Falcons became the latest victim of the Jordan meme after a devastating fourth quarter loss to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots in Superbowl 51. How will the young team begin to mount a comeback for next season?

Last Sunday, after Superbowl 51, the Atlanta Falcons made headlines for all the wrong reasons. The Patriots, down 28-9 in the fourth quarter, came back to win 34-28 and complete the greatest comeback in Superbowl history. Now, it’s time for the Falcons to mount their own historic comeback, but how?

Believe it not the Falcons are in a good position despite the loss. Starting quarterback Matt Ryan grew into an elite NFL quarterback this season winning the regular season MVP award and recorded one of the best single postseason performances ever. In addition to an elite passer, the Falcons also have a stacked team full of young athletes.

The first action I suggest the Falcons take is to confront their mistakes, congratulate the Patriots and remind their fans that they have an incredibly young and talented team ready for a second chance. The Falcons’ media team should also make a video highlighting the season’s top moments and remind their fan base that the loss will not define them as an organization. This generates excitement from fans, the media because it tells them the team is prepared to make changes necessary to win the Superbowl next year.

Next, the Falcons need to move the team’s story beyond being the team that blew a tremendous lead to lost Superbowl 51 in the final quarter. In order to advance the team’s story, the Falcons must draft a high-level prospect or sign an elite this off-season athlete to compliment Matt Ryan. Much like how the Golden State Warriors signed Kevin Durant in the off-season after blowing a 3-1 lead in the NBA finals. The arrival of a star athlete will flip media headlines to a more positive one for the coming season. The team should them switch the focus from losing the big game to how well the newest addition is fitting in with the team.

Lastly, come the key messages the Falcons will deliver to fans, supporters and investors to show the team has overcome the horrible loss and is ready for the new season. The best way the Falcons can do this is by using the jokes made by media and football fans as motivation towards this season. The Falcons can release videos showing the team training hard as audio from the Superbowl loss plays in the background. Banners with quotes from headlines and articles may be placed around the training facility to shows fans the team is serious about the success the coming season.

Other key messages could focus on the team’s improvement over the off-season and how the newest team addition is going to give the Falcons an advantage in the coming season. The last message should focus on Matt Ryan and the elite quarterback he is developed into. Investors and supports love to get behind a team that proves it has an elite quarterback in charge of the offense.

The 2017 football season won’t be easy for the Falcons by any means, but the team can generate positive momentum in preparation for the coming season. And after coming off a tough loss in the Superbowl, any amount of positive momentum is helpful for the team. History is not kind to teams that lose the big game the season prior, but if there were ever a team to beat the odds it’s Matt Ryan’s Atlanta Falcons.